.. it’s a long time, and you’re still looking for: what’s true, what’s yours, what calms, restores, inspires, what’s safe.
And today I say to you: you are a search and discovery at the same time. It’s a flow. It’s like a garment that hides you, overhears an alien eye, but remains open to the world, because it’s your part.
Therefore, by searching and finding yourself, you should be gentle, since only gentleness will allow you to forgive yourself. Therefore, by searching and finding, be cozy, because only the coziness will allow you to be in every way: the best and the worst. When you search and find out, let it touch – it’s about what your thoughts will hold. By searching and finding yourself, you should be delicate, because your steps are right and correct, you do not need to be commended, they are visible from afar. Be overwhelmed so that all that is most expensive in the soul will remain for you, but not wasted. When you want, keep quiet, because the seekers sometimes need a background, but no sound is needed. Romantic, dancing, warm – whatever you want to be, if you need … Create and change, just do not forget that all transformations are the best ones that are about you. Just do not stop Just find that yourself. You’re so crazy showing all your other colors.

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